My Lost Soul

My soul is lost in the trees and how the sun peeks through the towering trees of the dark forest to bring light and warmth to whatever is graced by it’s magical rays.  The rays that sit heavy on my shoulders as I plant peas in the garden.  The rays that bring life to the little seeds that are planted in the plastic 6-packs.

PC: Cody Connell       Humboldt County, CAtrees.jpg

I am lost in the green house that traps those magical rays and nourishes the little seeds.  The home to the baby plants who are ready for a bigger space to grow and the plants who were once those little seeds and babies that have become big and strong.

PC: Cody Connell      The Greenhouse, Humboldt County, CAgreenhouse

My soul is dancing alongside the branches of the blossoming orchard.  I dance to the sound of the bees, who buzz flower to flower.

PC: Cody Connell     Apple Orchard, Humboldt County, CAorchard

I am lost on the switchbacks of the road, covered by the dark forest that allows only glimpses of the sun, that takes us to the coast where fresh water meets the saltiness of the sea.

PC: Cody Connell     Black Sands Beach, Shelter Cove, CAcoast

I am lost somewhere along the creek where the green mossy trees and the blue-green creek can speak to me in ways I never knew I understood and am not sure I do, or ever will.

PC: Cody Connell      Eubanks Creek, Humboldt County, CAcreek

My soul is lost on the bumpy dirt road that brings me to this beautiful place.  The road always seems longer than it should, but hold so many beautiful views that teaches one to enjoy the journey. 20151215_101740.jpg

My soul may be lost, but it is lost in the most beautiful, magical, thriving place I could imagine.  It is lost among all the other souls of the trees and plants and creatures.  My soul is lost, wandering the 800 acres, in Humboldt County, CA.

For now, my journey continues in Colorado, but my heart and soul never left.


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