Great change brings great chaos

Beginning with a hectic week of finals, packing, and good-byes; to a 3 day road trip through the mountains of Colorado, the towers of red rocks in Utah, the desert of Nevada; to finally reaching the promise land of Northern California.  The land that is full of life, rivers, creeks, winding roads through dense, green forests and the monsterous Red Woods .  The place my soul has been wandering, lost, awaiting my return.  Tonight, after a long week, exhausted after a long road trip filled with incredible experiences, and with no time wasted; day of work, I can finally relax.  I can let my mind settle and digest the chaos.  Chaotic as it has been, the feeling of freedom and happiness has pushed the feeling of chaos aside.

As Cody plays guitar and I put my thoughts down into words, I think of the feeling as I drove away from the place I have called home for my life in search of freedom.  The feeling of freedom I have felt since that moment.  I think back to the morning in Utah, waking to the unknown world of the night to find us in the middle of monuments of stacked red rocks on the outskirt of Moab.  The rocks that are stacked so perfectly and stand strong like castles.  I think of kayaking my first river in my own boat.  I can feel how it felt when I successfully rolled up-right after my first flip.  How the last stretch before reaching my new home felt.  The overwhelming feeling of freedom, happiness, and the unknown.  The day didn’t slow as we worked while the sun beat down on our exhausted bodies.  The farm has been hard at work nourishing the plants that have grown tall and strong that were once the babies that I had transplanted.  The apple trees, that just a few short weeks ago were covered with beautiful blossoms, are now covered in baby apples.  The baby chickens have grown from the puffy balls they once were.  The greenhouse continues to get greener and full of life.  Everything has changed but the feeling of this magical place has not.  I am exhausted but look forward to the new day ahead tomorrow.

But now, it is time to relax.  It is time to enjoy where I am right this moment.  This great change has indeed brought great chaos but I am confident the overflow of happiness and excitement will continue to mask the feeling of chaos.

PC: Kaylan Miller

The baby apples and the growing tomato plants