Happy Earth Day

While I spent the day exploring the mountains of Colorado Springs, Cody spent his day kayaking the flooding rivers of Northern California.

Alyssa and I spent the day hiking switchbacks in search for Helen Hunt Falls.  While we got our dose of vitamin D, we talked endlessly from subject to subject.  We searched for butterflies, watched the birds as they flew freely and talked about how close we are to being free to roam like the birds.

PC: Kaylan Miller         bird  .

Ricky and Alyssa are friends of Cody who have extended their friendship to me.  They too have a dream of living life unbound, looking for an escape from the toxic city.

While we questioned everything we knew, shared our dreams of freedom, re-energized our minds, challenged our bodies; we filled our bottles with the spring water and hiked to the falls.

PC: Kaylan Miller         Natural spring water, Colorado Springs, CO spring wter

PC: Kaylan Miller         Helen Hunt Falls, Colorado Springs, CO        earthday2

Wandering the mountains for the majority of the day, we sent Cody our good vibes as he kayaked the Mattole River in Humboldt County.  The river was at flood stage, thanks to El Niño.  The river is joined by the Eubanks Creek, which is in the backyard of the farm.  Not far from home, he kayaked about six miles of old redwoods, tall green trees, muddy waters, big boulders, and absolutely beautiful scenery until taking out at the swimming hole on the property.

PC: Cody Connell        The Mattole River, flood stage 4/22/16river


Even 1,500 miles away, we both spent Earth Day celebrating our earth.  Everyday is a new day to celebrate our earth, to spend time in nature, and appreciate the world around us.

Thank you Earth for all you provide and the opportunity to spend time today truly appreciating you.  Happy Earth Day from the Mattole River, CA and Helen Hunt Falls, CO!!