One week until freedom

One week.  One week until we begin our life unbound together.  One week until we start road tripping to Cali.  One week until I make the biggest move of my life.

I never felt this day would come.  I have been dreaming of this for months now.  I have imagined it over and over again.  It felt like the time would never pass, now I am only one week away.  I am overflowing with emotions.  To say I’m not a little nervous would be a lie.  Of course I am nervous.  My life will be completely different in only 7 days.  I will say good-bye to my parents for who knows how long.  I will leave the state I have called home for almost 19 years.  I will part from a friend who I have been inseparable from since pre-school, who I also shared my freshman year of college as my roommate.  I will leave behind everything I have known for 18 years.

But more than nervous I am bursting with joy and excitement.  I feel as if I am being reborn, like my life is just about to begin.  I can taste freedom.  I will be spending everyday with the man I love most.  I will see places and do things I never would have done without taking this leap.  I will meet people and build relationships that will bring opportunities I could not imagine now.  I will learn more than I ever have in any classroom.  I will find myself.  I will grow as a person and expand my consciousness more than ever.  I will give up all I have ever known for adventure.  I will trade structure for freedom.  My soul will be free to roam.

I am ready for this adventure.  Ready for change.  I only have one more week until the biggest, most exciting change of my life.

So, how I am supposed to study for finals?