Rejuvenating Spring

Spring is making her appearance here in the Columbia Gorge. It has been welcomed gratefully by the anxious, extreme athletes awaiting the warmer weather, high winds, flowing rivers, and clear trails. Watching this place transform from a snow-covered valley, into lush, green hillsides covered with wildflowers of all colors has been so magical and REJUVENATING!

Flyers are flying high, kayakers are tackling the highest of flows, bikers are shredding down clear trails, and hikers are enjoying the endless hikes, minus the snow-shoes. The Columbia River Gorge has seen a huge influx of adventurers seeking beautiful places and adrenaline rushes. We’ve seen sunny, hot days, warm rains, and incredible thunderstorms. The best part: spring is just the beginning of an epic summer here. Grateful to call this place home for the time being. With Mt. Hood towering to the south and Mt. Adams bellowing to the north, rivers and waterfalls raging everywhere, and the vibes brought in by the good people drawn to this special place provide for endless energy and souls to explore this magical place.

The Gorge is the biggest break along the Cascade Range creating gusts up to 50 mph, making it the most ideal spot for wind sports from flying above the Columbia to kite-boarding in the Columbia. The endless rivers and creeks make it a mecca for whitewater kayaking, especially for those looking to run some drops.  The Gorge is full of waterfalls, finding their way into the Columbia River. Hikers and bikers could spend weeks exploring new trails, and still have plenty to find. Adventure is never far when you are in the Gorge.  Cheers to a new season, more sunshine, and lots of adventures! Go enjoy the spring time lovin’!

Photos: Tulip; Canyon Creek, WA; N.M. sending a NesterLap; Sunset Falls, East Fork of Lewis, WA


2016: A Year to Remember

2016 will always be a special year to me. It will always be the year I kayaked my first river-South Fork of the American. The year I learned how to grow a plentiful garden. The year I moved to California. The year I learned to surf. The year I celebrated my Golden Birthday with some of the greatest people I know. The year I took a step back from everything I had known and made the decision to seek out a new way of life. The year I felt the most alive, as if I had been reborn, making a year full of firsts. New places, new people, and an abundance of new challenges. With every challenge came a new perspective.

New perspectives have created a whole new outlook on life for me. Both seeing and being the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, each experience humbling in it’s own way. Compassion for the world and all it’s inhabintants grows each time a new perspective is understood.

Hopes are high for 2017 and I look forward to the new challenges, moments of joy, and moments of stillness. 2017 offers more rivers to be run, friends to connect with, places to be seen, and compassion to be shared. 2017 begins with a move to Washington, one of the most beautiful places I could imagine, as soon as the weather gives so we can begin our journey back.

Cheers to another trip around the sun!